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Blackfisk 12.9k

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All market participants in one way or another suffer from an unsuccessful choices of projects, and many have experienced the work of a front-run bot, which takes part of the position from a trader…

All market participants in one way or another suffer from an unsuccessful choices of projects, and many have experienced the work of a front-run bot, which takes part of the position from a trader. All this is due to the imperfection of the UNISWAP algorithms as well as of its clones. It all can be possible because of the visibility of all transactions in the mempool.

The most recent data from Coinmarketcap at the time of writing states that the DeFi market has attained a capitalization of $30.65 billion, increasing day-on-day on volatility gains. But DeFi is incomplete without the constituents that allow it to become an alternative to traditional passive income generation means. The ability to stake and participate in yield farming distinguishes DeFi from other crypto sectors as a development that allows anyone from average digital asset holders to professional investors to partake in the profit-making process.

However, the combination of trading and staking in one instrument has been a much-demanded product on the market until the advent of BLÄCKFISK. By combining staking with a lineup of trading bots with the ability of co-creating pools for front-run, arbitrage and flash loans, BLÄCKFISK has emerged as an all-in-one solution for traders seeking a convenient and versatile platform for taking advantage of the full potential of DeFi.

BLÄCKFISK is designed with traders in mind as its bots are based on AI algorithms and are capable of analyzing errors to automatically adjust applied strategies and attain maximum gains. By being open-source, BLÄCKFISK empowers users to provide funding to their bots and participate in a broad variety of market segments with fully transparent and automated profit distribution as a result.

The staking of LP tokens gives users of BLÄCKFISK bots the opportunity of obtaining persistent ROI independent of the selected strategy with AI and machine learning acting as the basis for income generation and loss mitigation at full exclusion of human error factors.

After months of development and tuning, BLÄCKFISK bots, developed by a team of expert traders and AI specialists, are currently capable of providing up to 400% yields monthly for their users, depending on market volatility. All users need to do is Hold BLÄCKFISK LP tokens and provide liquidity to the ETH — BLÄCKFISK pool. In return, users receive LP tokens and gain access to daily distribution of profits from the BLÄCKFISK product lineup.

The main products offered by BLÄCKFISK will include three bots. The first is the Frontrun Bot used for bidding a higher gas price on a transaction to incentivize users to place it earlier in the order when constructing the block. The second is an Arbitrage Bot for taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets. The third is a Flashloan Bot for loans that are borrowed and repaid in the same transaction using DY/DX to execute operations and receive benefits from arbitrage.

All of the products deployed by BLÄCKFISK are unique in their sense of being go-to solutions on a market that may seem too segregated to be encompassed by a single platform. BLÄCKFISK seeks to combine all of the profit-making opportunities in DeFi on a single basis and allows users to take advantage of all sources of income the market has to offer.

You will probably ask, why do we need to make it public?

The answer lies underneath.

On very liquid pairs, sometimes up to 300 WETH on the balance is needed to receive benefits. Therefore, we created an open source project to jointly fill bots with funds and work in a larger market. And the distribution of profits will be fair, automated and open.

If you are tired of unsuccessful deals and drawdowns on projects, then you are in the right place and we are glad to share our successes with you.

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